The Chalk Butte Tack Story...

Hello and welcome to Chalk Butte Tack!  It's been a long time in the making but Scott has finally gone digital!  We invite you to grab a cup of coffee and spend a little time here.  We've put most of the best sellers into this online catalog but we still have more to add.  We'll let you know via this blog what's new and upcoming.  Meanwhile, let's tell you a little story...

The story of Chalk Butte Tack, like so many stories, is one of necessity.  Scott was a working cowboy who used his tack and he used it hard.  Things were always breaking and they were expensive to replace.  So he started dabbling in fixing them.

Scott at the sewing machine

  As he fixed them he started to think to himself, "If this had been designed differently, it wouldn't have broken."  So he began designing his own tack.  Everything he made was sturdy and built to last (he doesn't like doing things twice).

 Heavy Duty Split Reins ready to go

Before long, other cowboys started to notice. They asked him where he got that piece of tack and when he said he made it they started asking him to make one for them too.  Before he knew it, Scott was spending a lot of time in the shop "Just making stuff".  And somewhere around 1980 Chalk Butte Tack was born.  

Scott still spends long hours in the saddle doctoring cattle, calving, and in his other job as a rodeo pickup man. 

Scott and his pickup horse doing "sunfishing" in the 90's

This was one heckuva scene back in the 90's when Scott's pickup horse decided to do a little sunfishin'!

Doctoring cattle

Good work makes a good horse.  Here a young one is learning how to doctor a cow.

Scott shoes his own horses

Scott still shoes all his own horses.  

Scott McClain is a rodeo pickup man

Being a rodeo pickup man isn't for the faint of heart!

Rodeo photo courtesy of Thomas C. Duncan, Sr. Photography

He's the "real deal" when it comes to cowboy stuff. Feel free to send him a message, give him a call or text.  He'd be happy to answer any questions you have or help you design something custom just for you!


  • Scott has created a few pieces of tack for me. While I absolutely love my hand crafted headstall he designed to go with my silver pieces, my favorite thing he has created for me is my custom chinks. Being hard to fit, I didn’t think I would be able to have such a quality pair. They are beautiful and yes, built to last. I’m thrilled with them and the price can’t be beat. Would highly recommend him to my friends.

    Lea Anne Russell
  • Scott made me a pair of spur straps as a gift years ago. Presented them to me at the Fort Madison rodeo – I was beyond happy!! I still have them, and they are still beautiful = even after years of use! Thanks, Scott!

    Jean Anderson

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