Chalk Butte Tack

By Scott McClain

Welcome to Chalk Butte Tack

We're glad you came to visit us!  Feel free to use the menu items to browse our online catalog or take a look at our latest News or Upcoming Items Blogs.

Latest News

Our new home is located on the banks of Sand Creek in Crawford, Nebraska

Now Open for Business in Crawford, Nebraska

Chalk Butte Tack is now open for business at its new location in Crawford, Nebraska

Our online store is temporarily closed

Hello everyone! We are closing up shop for a couple months as we are in the process of relocating to Crawford, NE and building a new workshop.  We'...

We're relocating!

It's been a good stretch here in Kiowa, but we're about to begin a new adventure. We'll soon be relocating to Crawford, NE! Due to the upcoming mov...